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mr david g dwinell
po box 296 Youngtown,, Arizona 85363

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Phone 623 974 2232
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Education, Certifications & Awards

University graduate with Honors
Member of Logistics Council
Member of Delta Nu Alpha
Founding memeber Transportation brokers Conference of America
Master Broker



TRansportation, Sales & Marketing, Negotiations, Pricing, open market freight rates,
E commerce of transportation
Freight Pricing Economics
Internet operatiing systems for transportation



Lifetime in Transportation and Government Noted Author

Areas of Expertise

cargo security, trucking, logistics, e commerce, management

Expert Witness Categories

Trucks and Trucking, Cargoes, Accidents, Accident Prevention

Summary of Experience

University Graduate
Innovator - created the nations first Freight Auction website - operates just like
20 years experience in transportation
Teacher, operate the nations on State Approved transportation school for brokering
memeber of - international think tank
Federal Civil service status



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