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W. B. (Wes) McGehee, P.E, Pipeline Engineering Consultant

W.B. (Wes) McGehee, P.E.,Pipeline Engeering Consultant

Mr. Wesley B McGehee
Northwest Commerce Bldg. Suite 360 14405 Walters Road Spring, Texas 77014 United States

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Phone (281) 893-3080

Education, Certifications & Awards

B.S. Petroleum Natural Gas (1961)
Texas College of Arts and Industries (Presently Texas A&M at Kingsville, Texas).
Chairman, ASME B31.8-Code for Gas Transmission and Distrubution Piping Systems.
Vice Chairman ASME - Gas Pipeline Safety Research Committee.
Vice Chairman - Gas Piping Technology Committee.



Knowledge and experence in gas pipelines including:

- Industry Codes and Standards.
- Regulations and Regulatory Compliance.
- Design, Construction, Hydrostatic Testing, Operations and Maintenance.
- Writing Procedures for Operation, Maintenance, Hydrostatic Testing.
- Expert witness services.
- Perform due diligence on pipelines.


About W.B. (Wes) McGehee, P.E.,Pipeline Engeering Consultant

Twenty five (25) years experience with a major natural gas transmission company working in Plans and Reserch; Operations and Maintenance; System Planning & Technical Services; Codes, Regulatory Compliance and Quality Assurance. Seventeen (17) years as a professional engineer in private practice serving the pipeline industry as follows: - Writing Operation and Maintenance Procedures and Emergency Response Manuals. - Writing Hydrostatic Test Procedures. - Writing Conversion to Service Procedures. - Expert Witness Services. - Writing and Present Seminars on Pipeline Safety. - Writing Pipeline Operating Procedures. - Perform due diligence on pipeline prior to acquisition. - Perform DOT assesment on piplines. - Perform pipeline audit. - Write or participate in writing technical papers.

Areas of Expertise

Natural Gas Pipelines, Pipelines

Expert Witness Categories

Summary of Experience

Over forty two years experience in engineering, technical services and operations for pipeline systems, including sizing pipelines and compressor stations, performance testing of compressors, hydrostatic testing of pipelines, economic and feasibility studies, serving on industry code committees, interpreting U.S. Federal regulations and interfacing with engineering clients, consultants, industry groups, and government agencies. This experience includes lead roles in pipeline projects for the Petroleum Ministry (Petromin) for Saudi Arabia and Oil Service Company (OSCO) of Iran. Past seventeen years, engaged in providing consultant pipeline engineering services to many entities in the pipeline industry, domestically and internationally



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