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Moore Consulting, L.L.C

Moore Consulting

Tamara Moore, RN, CLNC
P.O. Box 116 La Salle, Michigan 48145 United States

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Phone 734-243-9502
Fax 734-243-9507
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About Moore Consulting

"Providing the medical expertise you need to develop your strongest case".

Areas of Expertise

critical care, medical malpractice, legal nurse consultant, cardiac care, intensive care

Expert Witness Categories

Case Reviews, Critical Care, Malpractice - Medical, Nursing, Wrongful Death, Personal Injury

Summary of Experience

As a critical care nurse and experienced certified legal nurse consultant, our company works with attorneys nationwide on the medical and nursing issues of their legal cases. We are able to assist our clients from the initial review through trial. There are no additional "rush" fees. All services are handled promptly -- with your deadline in mind.



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