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Stephen D. Kirkland, CPA, CMC, CFC, CFF

Atlantic Executive Consulting Group, LLC

Mr. Stephen D Kirkland
220 Stoneridge Drive Suite 402 Columbia, South Carolina 29210-8018 United States

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Phone 803-477-5973
Fax 803-771-0770
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Education, Certifications & Awards

Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Consultant, Certified Forensic Consultant, Master of Tax Accounting - University of Alabama, 1982: Bachelor of Business Administration - Emory University, 1981



Executive compensation Unreasonable compensation


Areas of Expertise

compensation, reasonable compensation, executive compensation

Expert Witness Categories

Accounting, Employment, Taxes, Valuations, Compensation, Business

Summary of Experience

I consult with companies in setting fair and reasonable compensation and bonus formulas for executives and other key employees. I also help charitable organizations determine appropriate pay levels for their employees. I also provide opinion letters and testify in U.S. Tax Court and Bankruptcy Court as to the reasonableness of executive compensation.



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