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Mr. Skip Stearns
P.O. Box 113 Stratham, New Hampshire 03885-0113 United States

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Phone (603) 778-0110
Fax (603) 778-0333
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Education, Certifications & Awards

B.A. University of Massachusetts
Teaching Certification



* Operating Standards
* Product Standards
* Safety & Security Standards
* Emergency Procedures
* Integrity Standards
* Employee Qualifications & Hiring Practices
* Standards for Training
* Marketing Practices
* Franchise Agreements & Management Contracts
* Franchise Relations
* Casino & Gaming Operations
* Racetracks
* Cruise Industry



Steve and Skip Stearns have nearly 70 years of combined hotel management experience. Skip's responsibilities were primarily as a corporate officer while Steve's years were spent on property in daily operations. Steve has been disclosed as an expert in over 30 cases during the past 10 years. He is experienced as a trial witness, being deposed, guiding attorneys through the discovery & deposition process and submitting detailed opinions. He has appeared both for and against hotel properties, owners, operators and franchisors. Skip joined his brother in 2002 bringing considerable knowledge of franchise and brand management responsibilities. Those responsibilities include contractual negotiations and enforcement, corporate relations with individual hotels and operating companies and development of hotel standards of operation inlcuding inspection for compliance. THE HOTEL EXPERTS (THE) works with attorneys to determine who is most knowledgeable to deliver effective support in each case. Steve and Skip are well versed in evaluating the day to day duties of all personnel at resort, hotel and motel facilities and the obligations of hotel owners, management companies and franchisors. THE fees are $295 per hour not to exceed ten hours per calendar day. While THE clients benefit from the knowledge of two hotel experts, hourly billing is based on ONE person's time. A retainer is required equal to the client's estimated fees projected over a 60-day period from the time of retention.

Areas of Expertise

motels,, resorts,, cruises,, racetracks,, franchise

Expert Witness Categories

Hotels and Hospitality, Casinos and Gambling, Recreation, Restaurants, Security, Travel

Summary of Experience

* 30 years of sales, marketing and hotel operations experience
* 27 years of management experience
* Served as primary officer in franchising corporation
* Drafted and executed franchise agreements and Uniform Franchise Offering
* Supervised drafting and execution of operating standards



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