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Ronald R. Scott - Firearms, Ballistics, Crime Scenes, Reconstruction, Use of Force

Firearms & Ballistics Expert

Mr. Ronald R Scott
37881 N 10th St Phoenix Nationwide services, Arizona 85086 United States

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Phone 623-764-6371
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Education, Certifications & Awards

Formal Education:
1991 - Master of Science in Advanced Management Cum Laude, Lesley College.
1980 - Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Cum Laude, Anna Maria College,
1979 - B.S. Law Enforcement Cum Laude, Northeastern University.
Misc: Criminology Graduate Study, American International College.
Business Administration Graduate Study, Salem State College.
Accounting & Finance, Bentley College.
Expert Testimony:
Qualified and declared an exp ...
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Expert Witness - Firearms - Ballistics - Toolmarks - Shooting Investigations & Reconstruction - Crime Scenes - Gunshot Distance - Trajectory - Police Procedures - Hunting & Firearms Safety - Police Shootings - Use of Force - Pursuits


About Firearms & Ballistics Expert


Areas of Expertise

Shooting Investigation Expert, Police Shooting Expert, Hunter and Firearms Safety Expert, Shooting Reconstruction Expert, Shooting Dynamics, Reaction Time, Trajectory, Gunshot Wounds, Crime Scenes, ToolMarks

Expert Witness Categories

Firearms and Ballistics, Wrongful Death, OSHA, Case Reviews, Wounds, Accidents

Summary of Experience

Retired Commanding Officer of the Mass. State Police Ballistics Section; supervised two labs and seven forensic ballisticians with 1500-2000 cases annually, member of the Firearms Review Board.
Experienced at over 750 crime scenes and 150+ which include homicides, suicides, armed robberies, house invasions, armored car robberies, organized crime executions, malicious destruction, highway snipers, hunting accidents, police shootings, involuntary accidental discharges, drive-by shootings, disgruntled employees, Russian-roulette, gangs, reveng killings, domestic violence , and shootings resulting in injury or death from firing range accidents, mishandling firearms, incorrectly loaded ammunition, maintenance and design issues, unsafe procedures, and any thinkable circumstance. These have included shotguns, revolvers, pistols, machine guns, machine pistols and conversions, rifles, derringers, homemade and prison made firearms, silencers, and unique undercover and hidden firearms, etc., in various calibers and action types (semi-auto, pump, single shot, etc.).
As a command level officer I conducted investigations of officer-involved shootings, officer misconduct, excessive use of force, policy and procedure. Commanding Officer of the 65-man State Police Revere Barracks responsible police operations in 6 cities and towns and a member of the Staff Inspection Unit.
Testified over 250 times in areas of firearms, gunshot distance, ballistics, firearms identification, toolmarks, firearms safety, etc., in District/Superior Courts of AZ, CA, MA, NH, CT, RI and the Federal Courts of MA and NH and military courts. I have or presently am providing forensic consultation for cases in AZ, CA, CO, NJ, NY, OH, TX, UT, WY, WV, LA, the Downstate Illinois Innocence Project, Canada, Nigeria, and the Phillipines and the Pat Tillman family. Testimony has been given before various MA and US legislative committees.
Trained extensively with several pathologists including the late Dr. George Katsas with whom I presented lectures to professional medical groups in evaluating gunshot wounds.
Command positions at the Troop Level, GHQ Operations, Supply, and Field Operations; and was involved in the testing of semi-automatic pistols with the Armorer and have occasionally trained with the Special Tactical Operations Team (STOP) from both ground and aerial shooting platforms.
My military service was in firearms, ordnance, and ballistics; I served in Europe investigating the development of Eastern Bloc weapons and ammunition.
Member of the Association of Firearms and Toolmark Examiners(AFTE) and International Association for Identification(IAI).



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