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National Trucking Safety Consultants

National Trucking Safety Consultants

Mr. Roland B Brown
2430 Knotty Pine Drive P. O. Box 5840 Navarre, Florida 32566 United States

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Phone 850-939-8926
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Education, Certifications & Awards

B. S. degree from Samford University, Birmingham, AL - 1959
Attended University of Alabama on baseball scholarship - 1956 - 1958
Attended transing seminars at Penn State Univerity, State College, PA
Attended training seminars at North Carolina State Univerity, Raleigh, NC
Attended training seminars at Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL



With over 35 years of experience in working for trucking companies, I have hands-on experience in every facet of trucking. I have been part owner of 2 trucking companies.
Having served as fleet management, safety consultant, and DOT compliance officer for 10-12 privately owned trucking companies, I have developed the ability to correct problems with the safety program, reduce accidents, reduce severity of accidents, drastically reduce the "turn-over" of personnel by developing programs a ...
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About National Trucking Safety Consultants

Twenty-three years of experience as an trucking and fleet management expert. Thirty-five years working at all levels of trucking, from entry level positions to top management and part-owner. Experience in testifying in federal and state courts.

Areas of Expertise

Truck Accidents, Fleet management, Trucking safety, CDL Drivers, Safety programs

Expert Witness Categories

Accident Prevention, Hazardous Materials, Health and Safety, Trucks and Trucking, Wrongful Death, OSHA

Summary of Experience

Roland B. Brown
P. O. Box 5840 ? 2430 Knotty Pine Drive
Navarre, FL 32566
Tel. No. 850 939-8926 Fax No. 850 939-5853
BS Degree from Samford University Major Business Administration 1959
- Employed in trucking industry from 1956 - 1985. Part time while in college full time from 1959.
- Regional Safety Supervisor Hall Motor Express, Inc., Birmingham, AL from 1961 - 1963.
- Regional Safety Supervisor Bowman Transportation, Inc., Atlanta, GA from 1965 - 1967.
- Divisional Manager Bowman Transportation, Inc., covering south Alabama, South Georgia and northwest Florida from 1967 - 1969.
- Vice President/Safety & Personnel Howard Hall Co., Inc., Birmingham, AL from 1973 - 1976.
- Director of Safety & Personnel Colonial Fast Freight Lines, Inc., Birmingham, AL from 1976 - 1978.
- Vice President/General Manager Colonial Fast Freight Lines, Inc., from 1978 - 1979.
- Vice President/General Manager Super Truckers, Inc., Birmingham, AL from 1979 - 1981.
- Vice President/Southern Division Maislin/Gateway Transportation, Inc., Montreal, CN from 1981 - 1983.
- Vice President/Southern Division American Trans-Freight, Inc., Morristown, PA from 1983 - 1984
- Vice President/Southern Division SM Transport, Inc., Camp Hill, PA from 1984 - 1985.
- President/owner Roland B. Brown Transportation Consultant, Birmingham, AL from 1985 - 1986. I had started the consulting business on a part time basis in 1981 and continued to work as a part time consultant until 1985, when I devoted full-time to the consulting business.
- National Sales Manager Coral Industries, Inc., Tuscaloosa, AL from 1986 - 1990. I also served as Director of Transportation during this period of time. This Company operated an associated Com-pany, Central Alabama Transport, Inc., which served as a specified commodity Contract Carrier for Coral Industries and held general commodities Common Carrier authority between all points in the United States. I served as top management representative for the two companies.
- Vice President/Sales Coral Industries, Inc., from 1990-1995. I continued to serve as top manage-ment representative for the transportation functions of Coral and of Central Alabama Transport, Inc., until March 1995.
- National Sales Manager Gral Corporation, Upper Marlboro, MD from 1995 until January, 1997.
- I continue to serve as part time professional consultant to Central Alabama Transport, Inc. at the pre-sent time.
- Chief Operating Officer Top Management, Safety, Operations & Sales Virginia Tank Lines, Inc., Fredericksburg, VA from 1998 to November, 2002.
- National Trucking Safety Consultants (a sole proprietorship) This is the consulting business I have run since 1981, either as Roland Brown Transportation Consultant or National Trucking Safety Con-sultants (changed the name in 1995). After completing my assignment at Virginia Tank Lines, Inc., I returned to a full-time position, devoting full-time to consulting trucking companies, private fleet op-erations and working with attorneys in consulting and serving as expert witness.
- Serve as Transportation Consultant to approximately 10 fleet owners, private carrier trucking compa-nies and medium-sized common/contract carriers at the present time.
- Serve in advisory position to several manufacturing companies who operate private fleets of vehicles.
- Serve in advisory position to several medium-sized trucking companies, common and contract, specialized commodities and general commodities.
- Attended as a student 2 separate Safety Supervisor Seminars (1973 & 1976), co-sponsored by Alabama Trucking Assn., Penn State University and National Committee for Motor Fleet Safety.
- Served as instructor for Safety Supervisor Seminars for three (3) years (1976 - 1978), co-sponsored by Alabama Trucking Assn., Penn State University and National Committee for Motor Fleet Safety.
- Attended as a student Accident Investigation Seminar (1977) held in Raleigh, NC, co-sponsored by North Carolina Motor Truck Assn. and North Carolina State University.
- Served as instructor for Accident Investigation Seminar (1978) held in Raleigh, NC, and in Talla-hassee, FL, co-sponsored by State Trucking Associations and NC State University and Florida State University.
- Hold Certificates of Completion of Safety Supervisor Seminars and Accident Investigation Semi-nars from Penn State University, State College, PA, and North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC.
- Hold Certificate of Completion from American Trucking Association, North American Transpor-tation Management Institute of Safety Supervisor Seminar held at University of Alabama, Tusca-loosa, AL (1993)
- Hold Certificate of Completion from American Trucking Association, North American Transpor-tation Management Institute of Safety Supervisor Seminar held in Richmond, VA (1999 & 2002)
- Certified by National Committee for Motor Fleet Safety, State College, PA, as Certified Director of Safety, designating verification of a minimum of five (5) years working experience as a Safety Director in the trucking industry, and verifying completion of prescribed curriculum and having passed testing concerning the knowledge of subject matter covering all facets of trucking industry safety standards and practices.
- Completed extended training services from Smith Systems Driver Improvement Institute, Inc. Ar-lington, TX ? Authorized to teach the Smith System Institute seminars and all training systems.
- Consultant to Alabama Public Service Commission in Driver's Qualifications and Safety Regula-tory Compliance, including interpretation of statutes on hours-of-service, proper keeping and completing driver?s daily logs, and in record-keeping of documents and in the inspection and re-quired maintenance of motor carrier vehicle equipment.
- Consultant to Georgia Public Service Commission in matters concerning driver qualification and equipment maintenance procedures.
- Consultant to Florida Public Service Commission concerning record keeping, accident investiga-tion and records relative to accident reports, and in matters concerning driver qualifications and personnel files.
- Served as expert witness in litigation involving trucking companies in AL, GA, FL, MD, MI, MS, OH, TX, VA and WV. Served as expert witness in Federal Court in OH, FL, MS and VA.
- Served as expert witness counsel with numerous attorneys in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Louisi-ana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas. These included giving deposition and trial testimony, as well as serving as consultant in case preparation and in trial. The cases in which I have served were for plaintiff and defendant attorneys.
- Special commendation from Honorable George C. Wallace, Governor, State of Alabama, for spe-cial service rendered in Highway Safety Program for State of Alabama in 1977.
- Received honor of Safety Director of the Year, 1976, in the State of Alabama, while employed with Howard Hall Co., Inc., Birmingham, AL, in recognition of developing and maintaining a Safety Department and program above normal standards and taking a leadership role in trucking industry safety in every phase.
- Received honor of Trucking Executive of the Year in 1979, in the State of Alabama, while serving as Vice President/General Manager of Colonial Fast Freight Lines, Inc., Birmingham, AL.
- Remain active in various trucking industry professional associations, and in contact with all Regu-latory Agencies relative to trucking industry standards and regulations. Annual training in up-dated methods and practices from American Trucking Association, State Trucking Associations and National Safety Council.



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