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Dr. Robert G. Scott

Dr. Robert G Scott
1120 Lois Court Shoreview, Minnesota 55126 United States

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Phone 651-481-0372
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farming, veterinary, animals, livestock



Dr. Bob Scott has the practical experience as a farmer, veterinarian, diagnostician, clinician, businessman, teacher, salesman, expert witness, negotiator, consultant and counselor.

Areas of Expertise

livestock, farming, agriculture, animals

Expert Witness Categories

Agriculture, Animals, Veterinary

Summary of Experience

Problems connected with Agriculture and Farming and Livestock require and Expert with Experience.
There is no substitute for Experience
Dr. Bob Scott was raised on a farm. He had his first farm jobs working with animals. He began with working with horses. When you work with teams you understand teamwork..
Probably the most significant lesson in working with horse teams is the concept of a harness.
A harness enables the transfer of power to accomplish great tasks using the skill of human brains. In modern business the contract is the harness and it enables entrepreneurs to accomplish great tasks.
Dr. Bob Scott has the practical experience as a farmer, veterinarian, diagnostician, clinician, businessman, teacher, salesman, expert witness, negotiator, consultant and counselor.
I also have been a veterinarian for the USDA in meat inspection.
To be able to convince a jury he must have teaching skills.
My experience as a teacher began as a teacher at Akron State College in Orrville, Ohio in 1982
I have taught:
At National College in St. Paul Minnesota 1991 to 1994
At Rasmussen Business College in Minnetonka, MN 1993 to 1997
At Rasmussen Business College in Eagan MN 1996
At St Paul Suburbs as a substitute teacher for all grades in public schools from 1996 to present.
I owned and managed a dairy farm from 1960 until 1970. When I had practiced about ten years the farm next door to dad's farm came up for sale. I purchased that farm and established a dairy, which then became my greatest learning expedience of my career. When God wants to give you a blessing, He wraps it in a problem.
My problem on that farm was a well that was polluted with nitrates. I began to study. I became a Brookside Consultant and studied with Dr. William Albrecht and became a nationally recognized authority on nitrates.
Then I taught clients. My practice evolved during 30 years of practice in Brighton, Colorado. It changed from a fire engine emergency type of business into a programmed herd health preventative type of practice.
I had to teach my clients the benefits of prevention and coach them on good management.
Taught Salesman
When I sold my practice in 1980 and bought shares enough to become the vice president of a Feed Company near Akron Ohio, my income depended on my ability to recruit, train, teach and then motivate salesmen. I discovered I was a good teacher and motivator and I love that sort of work.
Taught Veterinarians
Because Hill's Prescription diets offered me a better job in 1982 I began to sell prescription diets to veterinarians. My assignment was to show them how using our diets could improve the profitability of their practice.
I have had the very great privilege of visiting over 1000 veterinary practices all over the United States. I also became a much better student of nutrtion. I understand how good nutrition ensures good health.
This skill aids in diagnostic work as well and makes me a convincing authority.
Taught salesmen and farm managers.
I had the opportunity to go to New Zealand and Australia to help a friend sell the services of his diagnostic Laboratory. Because I was eager to be involved as an entrepreneur, I went there with the goal of taking a product called Impro to Australia and New Zealand.
Taught Salesman and Farm Managers about good management practices.
I was offered a job at a farm supply company in 1983 and became the person in charge of recruiting and teaching our salesmen. Because we had a huge host of customers we also acquired a lot of farmers with severe problems. I became the troubleshooter and diagnostician. And I learned how to sell Impro.
When I was sent to the field to solve problems my main goal was to keep the company form being sued because of poor performance with our products.
This job was the greatest learning experience a vet could ever have.
I had to produce or else.
My job was continually on the line. If I did not find and begin a correction of the problem the farm could easily face a disastrous loss. Worse than that, if they did sustain big losses it might be charged that our products were at fault and we could be vulnerable.
It was the most exciting and demanding job a vet could ever hope to get.
I had the very great privilege of visiting farms all over the United States. I also went to Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and Scotland to visit farms.
I had to learn the art of negotiation. I know how to influence opinions and change attitudes.
All this experience is the wealth of knowledge and wisdom I bring with me to the job of being a very valuable expert witness
My greatest qualification.
You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink. You can also recite facts to students all day long and it will go in one ear and out the other unless the subject is interesting, practical and yes, exciting.
I know I have the ability to investigate the farm problem, arrive at a workable and logical solution.
More than that I can convince the people involved to correct the way the work it done.
The same skill is exactly what it takes to convince a jury to come back with a favorable verdict.
Let me see if I think I can help you with a legal expert witness consultation.
Thomas J. Connolly
Attorney at Law
422 1/2 Fore St.,
P.O. Box 7563
Portland, ME 04112-7563.
January 2, 2003
Re: Dr. Robert (Bob) G. Scott, Jr., DVM,
1120 Lois Court
Shoreview, MN 55126
Letter of Recommendation
To Prospective Employers:
This letter is to serve as a recommendation for Dr.. Bob Scott in his capacity as a forensic veterinarian. I have had the great good fortune to have used the services of Dr. Scott in the capacity of an expert witness and am strongly endorsing his services. Dr. Scott is an energetic, competent and insightful expert witness who is an asset to any, investigator, attorney or insurance person involved with handling, a forensic veterinary issue. .
I have been a trial attorney for over 20 years. I have tried to jury verdict more than 250 cases. I have tried to bench verdict a huge number of other case. I have represented individuals and corporations on both the plaintiff and defense side and have also done a variety of criminal defense work. During the course of my 20 years of professional trial work I have employed a large number of expert witnesses. I have been involved in the hiring use of expects in diverse fields such as mechanical engineering and bio-technology as well as a variety of medical issues and numbers of abstract, scientific, mathematics .and chemical issues for which expert testimony was necessary. In the context of having to use and hire experts I have also cross examined hundreds of expert witnesses on the opposing side.
It is my strong opinion that Dr. Bob Scott is an excellent witness and an asset to any plaintiff or defendant case. Dr, Scott is a common sense and knowledgeable witness. He is willing to work hard on the issues and is enthusiastic about being presented with a complex problem. He takes the initiative, Dr. Scott is also a team player, and is anxious to with offer expert witnesses in order to increase his understanding and increase
the base of understanding of the entire team working on the case.
Dr. Scott is also an excellent person to person teacher. Not only is he able to teach the attorney those things necessary to properly understand the complex issues that confront in a case but also is able to explain those same things to a lay jury. The capacity to speak candidly and intelligently about complicated matters is a gift indeed.
Dr. Scott is any asset to any individual or company who needs a forensic veterinary issue solved. I would more than willing to discuss the matter further with anyone who has a need to review Dr. Scott's qualifications and to make a decision on the hiring of Dr. Scott. It is my belief that in my case the presence of Dr. Scott made all the difference. In fact, the review of the jurors subsequent to the favorable verdict indicated that Dr. Scott's testimony was key to the successful outcome. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Thomas J. Connolly



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