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Michael T. Lubov

Mr Michael T Lubov
141-30 Pershing Crescent Briarwood, New York 11435 United States

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Phone 718-297-0112
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Education, Certifications & Awards





I am an Engineer with over 30 years of experience in Product Design and Development, Processing and Project Management. I have in-depth experience in the Medical, Toy, Consumer, Automotive and Industrial Products areas.

Areas of Expertise

Medical, Design, Injection, Appliance, Toy

Expert Witness Categories

Engineering - Mechanical, Medical, Personal Injury, Product Liability, Toys, Appliance

Summary of Experience

141-30 Pershing Crescent, Briarwood, NY 11435
Phone/Fax - (718) 297 0112
Mobile: 917-922-3371
Over thirty years of Domestic and International experience in the Plastics Industry. Product Design, Development and Manufacture of Automotive, Medical, Toy and Consumer Products.
Product Liability.
Product design review.
Failure mode analysis.
Material selection criteria.
Shop floor experience in manufacturing and Quality Control.
Knowledge of F.D.A., G.M.P., P.P.A.P. and O.S.H.A. standards.
CAD Drawings & Renderings.
MS - Plastics - Stevens Institute of Technology.
BS - Industrial Management - C.W. Post College
Chicago Miniature Lamp
Managed Product, Tooling and Manufacturing Systems Design for the Automotive Products Group.
Intercon Consulting
Plastics, Product Design and Engineering Consulting to Domestic and International corporations. Designed Medical, Consumer and HBA products.
Sutton Technologies Co., Ltd.
Responsible for the design of new products and the design review of product submissions for this International Product Development firm. Coordinated all FDA, EPA and UL clearance testing for new products.
Pall Biomedical Products Corporation
New product development team leader for this manufacturer of disposable Medical products. Headed the Product Development team that created a complete line of products for a new corporate division. Designed products, tooling and assembly systems
American Pharmaseal Corporation
Responsible for the product design, tooling and manufacturing process development of new disposable medical products for this division of Baxter HealthCare Corp.
United States Surgical Corporation
Manufacturing Engineer responsible for new product design and assembly system approval for this international manufacturer of surgical stapling products.
Verly Plastics Corporation
Project Engineer responsible for the review of new product designs. Supervised production, generated quotations, designed injection molds and assembly tooling.
Senior Member The Society of Plastics Engineers
President - The Society of Plastics Engineers New York Section - 1970 - 1974
3,965,845 Boat Propeller Protective Structure
4,508,123 Thermodilution Injectant



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