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Michael Agbaba & Associates

Michael M. Agbaba & Associates

Michael M Agbaba
859 Hollywood Way #560 Burbank, CA 91505

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Phone 818-445-1963
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Education, Certifications & Awards

Sydney College, Sydney Australia
Electrical Engineering Degree (graduated 1986)



Electrical energy
Electrical energy control
Electrical accidents
Electrical failures
Electrical switchgear
Electrical insulation
Electrical contactors
Electrical safety orders
Lock out / Tag out
Automated equipment
ANSI standards
Band saws
Controls / systems
Controls - safety
Custom machines
Custom equipment
Cutting m ...
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About Michael M. Agbaba & Associates

Michael M. Agbaba can help you resolve your forensics problems by conducting detailed accident investigations and analysis, personal injury causation evaluations, part/component failure analysis. This will result in building a strong case for your litigation whether it is defense or plaintiff or a private business owner. I serve my clients worldwide with 7 days a week, where their needs are addressed immediately at a very affordable rate, eliminating time and budget restrictions. My personal experience is founded by my technical and practical involvement with different types of machinery, equipment, industries and manufacturing processes.

Areas of Expertise

Industrial accident, machinery, Accident investigation, industrial safety, industrial hygiene

Expert Witness Categories

Accident Prevention, OSHA, Risk Analysis, Failure Analysis, Health and Safety

Summary of Experience

Expert Witness & Safety Consultant
- Assist clients with their OSHA regulatory and compliance needs.
- OSHA citation appeals
- Perform facility and plant safety inspections and audits.
- Develop safety policies and procedures for employer's accident prevention plans.
- Design, and recommend safety equipment or devices for machine and equipment safety.
- Perform job safety analysis for client's specific needs.
- Analysis of industry groups safety and accident statistics and develop safety plans.
- Member of Cal OSHA's Standards Advisory Board. (develop & review OSHA rules)
- Attend public hearings for regulatory rules adoptions.
- Accident Investigations. (work-related).
- Machinery and Equipment Forensics (component/part failure analysis)
- Proficient with OSHA, ANSI, NEC, NFPA requirements.
- Expert Witness Testimonials
- Service of various types of industrial machinery and equipment.
- Rebuilding and overhauling of industrial machinery
- Safety upgrades and retrofits of various types of machinery and equipment
- Troubleshooting and repairs of hydraulic, electrical, electronic, pneumatic and mechanical systems on industrial machinery and equipment.
- Development of safety devices and control circuits for industrial machinery and equipment.
- Safety inspections and surveys on various types industrial machinery and equipment.
- Experience with Plastic. Metal, Woodworking, Agricultural, Packaging machinery and equipment.
- Plant and facility maintenance and regulatory requirements.
- Develop and implement department procedures, practices and safety policies.
- Evaluate facility equipment and develop operating procedures for specific equipment.
- Evaluate corporation's safety policies and procedures and make recommendations.
- Develop corporate safety manuals, and each operating department.
- Evaluate and train staff in policies, procedures and safety principles.
- Compliance with various regulatory agencies requirements.
- Directed passenger train operations in 14 western states.
- Responsible for any scheduled rail service interruptions and finding alternate transportation means for passengers.
- Maintain Federal Rail Authority (F.R.A) operating requirements within the Western division and a 90 ? 95% on time performance goal.
- Responsible for Western Division?s safety goals while maintaining an "accident free" work environment complied with OSHA, P.U.C and F.R.A safety and operating orders.
- Perform monthly testing of operating train and engine crews for drug and alcohol and F.R.A operating rules.
Manufacturing / Research & Development
Trainee Electrical Engineer / Qualified Electrical Engineer
- Student / trainee electrical engineer in all aspects of the electro-mechanical principles and theory.
- Attended Sydney College, Australia while employed as a trainee Electrical Engineer.
- Worked on research & development of new passenger railroad rolling stock, both coaches and locomotives.
- After graduating from college maintained employment with the company as an Electrical Engineer.
Industries Served
Automotive, Aerospace, Metal Stamping, Forging, Plastics (injection, extrusion), Motion Picture and Television Studios, Railroad, Construction, Agricultural, Medical Facilities, Light and Heavy Manufacturing, Woodworking, Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Fruit and Vegetable Processing, School Districts, Local Govt., Restaurants & Hotels, and more.
Sydney College, Sydney Australia
Electrical Engineering Degree (graduated 1986)



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