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Ken Cress

Mr. Kenneth W Cress
29322 Brookchase Drive Spring, Texas 77386 United States

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Phone 832-289-4055

Education, Certifications & Awards

Highest level of education: AA in Computer Aided Drafting
Additionally, approximately two years general education credits at various colleges, including courses writing, English, and public speaking.
Worked as feature writer and assistant editor for newspaper in California.
Currently writing a book about the habits and lifestyle of truck drivers.



Lifestyle, habits, job duties, safety requirements, regulations, real-life performance (as opposed to "by- the- book" performance, which is generally not practiced), and dangers in the trucking industry.
Familiar with equipment and operation of equipment and accidents are of special interest.



I am clean-cut in appearance, and am comfortable speaking in front of an audience. My articulation and choice of words express a professional, thoughtful and intelligent manner.

Areas of Expertise

trucker, 18 wheeler, eighteen wheeler, commercial driver, truck

Expert Witness Categories

Accidents, Driver Fatigue, Trucks and Trucking

Summary of Experience

I am currently 44 years old (DOB 04/68), and have been a commercial truck driver for the past ten years. I have driven OTR (long haul) as well as local operations, and have driven many types of eighteen wheeler combinations including cabovers, conventionals, flatbeds, vans, reefers, and containers. I have worked in the industry as a driver, and at the corporate level in management positions.
Also, I have performed some accident investigation while working in management, including photographing accident scenes, gathering and evaluating evidence, and preparing decisions regarding fault.



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