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Probable Golf Expert Analysis

Probable Golf Instruction

Mr Ken S Tannar
8038 211B St Langley, Canada V2Y 0K3 Canada

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Phone 604-309-7030
Fax 604-371-3660
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Education, Certifications & Awards

Bachelor Science, Physics & Mathematics, University of British Columbia, 1982
23 years teacher of Physics & Calculus



errant golf ball analysis, golf statistics, probabilities related to golf


About Probable Golf Instruction

I have researched the topic of physics and mathematics of golf for over 8 years.

Areas of Expertise

ball, club, course, range, injury

Expert Witness Categories

Accident Prevention, Accidents, Recreation, Mathematics, Personal Injury, Property Damage

Summary of Experience

I have worked on over a dozen projects in which I have provided analysis of errant golf ball trajectories that have resulted in damage. I have also worked on numerous projects dealing with preventing errant golf ball damage. I use a computer model for the trajectory of a golf ball and incorporate it to calculate impact speeds, trajectories as well as probabilities of damage.



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