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RCMC Legal Nurse Consulting


Mrs. Julia W Roelle
2367 Science Parkway PO Box 1006 Okemos, 48805-1006

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Phone 800-968-4087

Education, Certifications & Awards

Diploma nursing school graduate in 1980.
Bachelor of Arst degree in 1986.
Completion of nurse paralegal course in 2001.
Certified emergency room nurse in 1984.
Certified rehabilitation nurse in 2004.



Emergency/ Trauma
Pediatric ICU
Adult ICU
Neurological ICU


About RCMC

14 Years of experience in expert review, both plaintiff and defense, both adult and pediatrics.

Areas of Expertise

emergency, neurological, testimony, intensive care, trauma

Expert Witness Categories

Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Healthcare, Trauma, Pediatric, Nursing

Summary of Experience

I am a nurse with 24 years of experience in both adult and pediatric nursing. I have 14 years in expert case review, with experience in giving expert testimony. My nursing experience includes Pediatric ICU, Neurological ICU,
Emergency Dept. in level 1 trauma center. All deposition testimony has settled in our favor. I do both plaintiff and defense testimony. I am professional and ethical.



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