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Scientific and Forensic Services Inc.

Scientific and Forensic Services Inc

Dr. Joseph H Guth, Ph.D., CIH
4034 Heutte Dr Norfolk, Virginia 23518 United States

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Phone (757) 620 -1988
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Education, Certifications & Awards

University of California, Undergraduate Chemistry major, Molecular Genetics minor, Undergraduate Honors Research in the Physicochemical Interaction of Acridine Mutagenic Dyes with DNA; Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis, Los Angeles, CA 1960-64

U. S. Army Chemical School, Certificate, Chemical Laboratory Specialist (Chemical, Biological and Radiological Warfare Training), Ft. McClellan, AL, 1964

University of California, Davis, ...
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Chemistry (all aspects), Environmental Fields (asbestos, lead paint, toxic compounds, pesticides, radiation, indoor air quality & sick building syndrome), Industrial Hygiene (comprehensive practice including toxicology), Safety Programs, Risk Management, Personal Injury (slip & fall, workplace accidents, explosions, toxic exposures, cancer), Product Liability (asbestos products, lead paints and pigments, lighter explosions, electrical appliance fires, ladder failure, medical device failures, foo ...
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About Scientific and Forensic Services Inc

A practicing chemist/industrial hygienist/biochemist/materials scientist and consultant since 1960. An effective expert witness in thousands of cases since 1980. Currently specializing in exposure risk assessments to toxic and hazardous materials and injurious products and warnings/labelling/packaging/MSDS issues.

Areas of Expertise

mold, chemist, OSHA, toxic, EPA

Expert Witness Categories

Asbestos, Chemistry, Hazardous Materials, Health and Safety, Indoor Air Quality, Lead and Lead Paint

Summary of Experience

Dr. Joseph Guth has been a practicing scientist since 1958. He has been providing independent expert witness testimony (for the plaintiff/defense and prosecution in civil and criminal courts), industrial hygiene, and analytical laboratory and consulting services since 1978 to industries, general commerce, all levels of government, the military, individuals, and to the legal and insurance communities. As a research scientist, a former university professor and laboratory owner and director of a nationally-known testing laboratory, he has all of the necessary skills to provide strongly supportable, independent, and understandable opinions in many types of legal cases, regulatory issues, and insurance claim investigations. His expert witness affidavits, depositions and court testimony have been rendered in numerous jurisdictions in many states at the local, state and federal levels, as well as in military proceedings. He has been accepted as an expert through Daubert proceedings. These have been in both civil and criminal matters. He has worked closely with scores of attorneys and insurance investigators on a regular basis. He has also given testimony and consultation to federal, state and local legislative bodies, regulatory agencies and other governmental departments. He has been an invited Peer Reviewer of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and a research grant reviewer for the National Science Foundation. His experience and opinions have also been rendered in specialized areas of the law like Railroad law (FELA), Admiralty law, Workman's Comp and Federal Employee Arbitration casework.



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