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John Chadwick, Aerosol Products Consultant

Aerosol Technical Solutions

Mr. John Chadwick
129 Harriman Hill Road Raymond, New Hampshire 03077 United States

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Phone 603-895-0778
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Education, Certifications & Awards

Professional Experience: - American Home Products - R&D Supervisor - Aerosol Development - Unilever (Chesebrough-Ponds) - Sr Aerosol Chemist - Household Products - Bristol Myers (Clairol) Project Supervisor - Haircare Aerosol Product Research - International Home Foods / ConAgra - Product Development Manager - PAM Brand - Summit Packaging Systems - Technical Services Manager Legal Experience: ATS CONSULTING SERVICES provides independent technical analysis ...
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Services: Complete Aerosol Technical Consulting Services: - Resolve technical problems in R&D, Quality Control & Production - Modify & improve product spray performance - VOC reduction formulation design - Expert Witness and Technical Analysis services - Line extension & new product development - Aerosol manufacturing - design & troubleshooting - Investigate & resolve product quality issues - Provide independent technical feasibility analysis of new co ...
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About Aerosol Technical Solutions

"Let my 30+ years of experience in Aerosol Technology work for you"

Areas of Expertise

aerosol products, consultant, expert witness, spray, failure analysis, aerosol product consultant

Expert Witness Categories

Accidents, Chemistry, Personal Injury, Coatings, Failure Analysis, Aerosol Products

Summary of Experience

Aerosol Technical Solutions, LLC offers 30+ years of Aerosol Industry Experience. ATS provides a broad range of aerosol technical services including: Training Programs in Aerosol Technology, R&D, Quality Systems & Audits, Component Specification, as well as expert witness and failure analysis services. Visit for more information.



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