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United Design Associates, Inc.

Mr. Jerry Zerg
529 No. Highland Ave. Los Angeles, 90036

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Phone 323-938-2441
Fax 323-938-9338
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Education, Certifications & Awards

Won "The Most Distinguished Designer of the Year, 1979" by Los Angeles ASID, published articles and courses in design, architecture, construction etc. Attended UCLA



Architect, landscape architect, safety engineer, building contracor, interior designer, store planner, furniture designer, lighting engineer, expert witness, environmentalist, construction specifier, building inspector


About United Design Associates, Inc.

I am a multi-disciplined expert and have been practicing as an expert for 20+ years. I am also the President and Owner of United Design Associates, Inc. since 1959 and Dean and Founder of Interior Decorators Institute since 1968

Areas of Expertise

architecture, construction, accident reconstruction, landscaping, safety

Expert Witness Categories

Accident Reconstruction, Buildings & Codes, Construction, OSHA, Slip and Fall, Building Inspection

Summary of Experience

Court Qualified Expert Witness in standards, codes, safety, testing, human factors, ADA, OSHA, injury, defects, damages, valuations, research, interrogatories, discovery, depositions and trial testimony.
Practioner and forensic authority in architecture, construction, landscaping, safety engineering, interior design, furnishings, lighting and equipment.



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