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Jeffrey A. Bloom

Mr. Jeffrey A Bloom
Miami, Florida 33131-3703 United States

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Phone 805-279-0227
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Education, Certifications & Awards


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N.Y.:
MS Management (equivalent to MBA)
MS Electrical Engineering
BS Electrical Engineering
completed all course work towards PhD in Information Systems
* Past member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountant?s Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) Steering Committee, establishing a universal financial taxonomy & analysis paradigmRead More



Information Technology Assessment, Strategy, Integration, Conversion and Operations Enhancement
* Program/Project Management: best practice methodology, Program Management Office (PMO) empowerment
* Business Process Reengineering (BPR): requirements, analysis, modeling, process design, mentor, implement
* Information Technology Architecture: opportunity assessment, strategic roadmap development, management
* Enterprise Application Integration (EA ...
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EXPERT WITNESS/LITIGATION CONSULTANT * Glancy Binkow & Goldberg LLP: Forensic analysis in product false advertising class action, 4/04-date * Zach Georgopoulos: Forensic consultant in manufacturer contract performance action, 3/04-6/04 * Douglas J. Campion: Discovery strategy and forensic consultant in medical billing class action, 5/03-5/04 * Hemar, Rousso & Heald, LLP: Discovery strategy & forensic consultant in equipment valuation, 1/04-4/04 * Thorsnes, Bartolotta, McGuire: Expert Report/Deposition in medical billing contract litigation, 2/03-1/04 * Eskridge & Associates: Expert Report on security system circumvention in employment litigation, 8/03-9/03 * Michael Obrand: Discovery strategy in software trade secret litigation, 2/03-4/03 * Expert Report/Mediation Testimony in software trade secret litigation, 2/03-7/03 * Salon, Marrow, Dyckman & Newman: Expert Report/Deposition in product contract litigation, 12/02-3/03 * Buchanan Ingersoll: Discovery strategy consultant in Highmark contract litigation, Nov 2001-Jan 2002 PERSONAL CONSULTING CLIENTS CONSULTING/PROFESSIONAL SERVICES APR Consulting Ensol Corporation FoundryOne Hall Kinion & Associates HDR Engineering Information & Strategic Consulting PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LLP ENTERTAINMENT/MEDIA/WEB CNN DIRECTV eCALYX IniTech Consulting iTenol The Bergen Record Newspapers The Phoenix News Papers HEALTHCARE/INSURANCE CDR Hospitals, India GTE Health Systems Highmark Factix/L3C Quest Diagnostics Superior National Insurance Group Wellmark (now MedE America/WebMD) The Zenith Insurance Company SECURITIES/FINANCE Merrill Lynch Navy Federal Credit Union Southeast Bancorp Primark (Thompson Financial) INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Cisco Systems Conam Computer Corporation Hewlett-Packard Macromedia Millennium Solutions Niku Corporation New Era Of Networks (NEON) Open-ended Systems Corporation ORACLE/Profit Magazine Ravel Software Sybase Turnkey 2000 VentureTech 2000 MANUFACTURING/AUTOMOTIVE Eastman Chemical Company Guess, Inc. Hughes Space & Communications Intel Kimball Electronics Norton Company Pep Boys Varian Associates Legal/Expert Witness Buchanan Ingersoll Douglas J. Campion Eskridge & Associates Gary Steinberg Glancy Binkow & Goldberg LLP Hemar, Rousso & Heald, LLP Hogan & Hartson Michael Obrand Salon, Marrow, Dyckman & Newman Thorsnes, Bartolotta, McGuire Zach Georgopoulos STATE & LOCAL GOVERNMENT City of San Diego New York State Dept. of Health FEDERAL/DEFENSE AGENCIES Air Force Logistics Center Army Material Command Defense Logistics Agency Department of Agriculture Department of Commerce Dept of Health & Human Services Federal Aviation Administration Federal Computer Simulation and Evaluation Center General Services Administration National Aeronautics & Space Admin National Inst. of Science & Tech. Naval Supply Systems Command Social Security Administration FEDERAL CONTRACTORS Advanced Technology Incorporated Boeing Computer Services Compute Sciences Corporation Information Technology Solutions National Capitol Systems Planning Research Corporation Westinghouse Xerox

Areas of Expertise

Trade Secret, Valuation, Operations, Management, Performance

Expert Witness Categories

Breach of Contract, Due Diligence, Malpractice/Consulting, Computers, Healthcare, Documents Analysis

Summary of Experience

Xinify Technologies, Inc., San Jose, CA, Business, Project Management & EAI Consulting, 12/02-3/04
* Strategy development for Sarbanes-Oxley Corporate Governance Compliance product and services
* Manage Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) projects as a subcontractor to Niku Corporation
>> Develop/Implement Niku-to-Research Database (Microsoft Access) interface for Quest Diagnostics
>> Develop Niku usability add-on product to satisfy the unique management requirements of Hewlett-Packard
>> Perform Niku EAI project requirements analysis at Eastman Chemical Co., Architect at Warner Bros.
>> Propose Niku EAI projects at: Intl Paper, Nissan, Openwave, Pfizer, Phillips, Regence, Toyota, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Wells Fargo
HDR Engineering, San Diego, CA, Information Technology Strategy Consulting, Sep-Nov 2002
In conjunction with Information Strategy & Consulting, Inc., Omaha, NE
* Develop Information Technology requirements and analyze strategic deployment alternatives for the City of San Diego Metropolitan Wastewater Department
Cable News Network, Atlanta, GA, Interactive Content Roadmap Consulting, Jun-Aug 2002
In conjunction with IniTech Consulting, Inc., Marina Del Rey, CA
* Assess opportunities for the integration of interactive content development with broadcast operations
* Identify concepts, products and services to achieve multi-platform content reuse and efficiencies
DirecTV, Inc., El Segundo, CA, Interactive Television/IT Outsourcing Consulting, Jan 2001-Jun 2002 (
In conjunction with APR Consulting, Inc., Diamond Bar, CA (
* Program management for an 11 million-subscriber billing/Customer Relationship Management deployment
* Enterprise Application Integration (SeeBeyond) architecture to integrate CRM (Siebel) to Sales/Billing
* Validate & document requirements to support multi-phase deployment among over 125 interfaced systems
* Portfolio Management System: project plans integrated with requirements, collaboration, issue tracking
* Prepare Request For Information (RFI), evaluate responses, facilitate contract negotiations
* Develop business operating models, business plans & supporting IT requirements for 40 products/services
* Business process models integrated with broadcast engineering and conditional access/digital rights mgt.
PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LLP, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Strategic Partnering Consulting, Oct-Dec 2000
In conjunction with FoundryOne, Inc., San Francisco, CA and Hall Kinion & Associates, Milpitas, CA
* Structure project & develop Strategic Outsourcing RFP for Indirect Tax Optimization initiative
* Program Management Office (PMO) & Steering Committee establishment, policies & procedures
* RFP preparation, vendor selection and qualification, business impact modeling of proposed solutions
eCALYX, Inc., Milpitas, CA, Vice President, Solutions & eStrategist, Mar-Aug 2000
eCommerce/ business development, web/EAI component development, methodology & operations:
* Market assessment for eGlobalization service to support website operators in foreign markets
* eStrategic analysis and business planning for Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) migration service
* "Vision", "concept" and preparation of eBusiness proposals for: JVC FxAlive (Image Portal ASP), pcFirst (custom personalization web component), (Enterprise Application Integration (EAI))
* Business strategy and middleware technology development for alliance with New Era Of Networks, Inc.
* Enterprise Portal/eCommerce methodology development as part of alliance with Sybase, Inc.
* eStrategy assessment & Health Portal planning for CDR Hospitals, India
* Value proposition analysis, concept development, website architecture, prototype and alliance strategy for iTenol, Inc.?s Enterprise Software and Services Request For Proposal (RFP) Procurement Portal
* Preparation and negotiation of eBusiness alliance proposals with Sybase, New Era Of Networks
KPMG Consulting LLC, Los Angeles, CA, Manager, Sep 1998-Feb 2000 (
Business and information systems assessment, analysis, strategic planning, design & implementation:
* Project Management Office establishment, assessment & Business Continuity Planning for Macromedia [Internet graphics] and Superior National Insurance Group [Workers Compensation insurance]
* Independent Project Review projects for Guess?, Inc. [wholesale/retail apparel] and Cisco Systems [Internet hardware], identifying opportunities to minimize risk while containing costs
* eXtensible Business Reporting Language ( XML standards committee member
InfoBase Systems, Oxnard, CA, CEO, Independent Consultancy, Apr 97-Aug 98
Business operations, technical, management, marketing and product development consulting:
* Year 2000 Tool Evaluation and Strategic Planning for Hughes Space and Communications Company, working with Millennium Solutions, Inc., a Year 2000 services and tool value added reseller
* Marketing collaterals development for New Era Of Networks, Inc. [NEON, now part of Sybase, Inc.]
* Business, Marketing and Product Development for Factix, Inc., a Beverly Hills company developing a Workman?s Compensation Insurance Claim Evaluation Software Package and Service Offering
* Product development and project marketing for Ravel Software, Inc., a migration services company
* Product development and project marketing for TURNKEY 2000, Inc., a YEAR 2000 products company
Ravel Software, Inc./Turnkey 2000, San Jose, CA, VP Business Development/President, Mar 96-Apr 97
* Developed business plan, marketing program, and product strategy for 150 person software & services firm
* As Product Manager, evolved Ravel Software?s a complete family of Year 2000 toolsets, services, training, and business alliance programs. Marketed/managed Y2K projects. Company/product sold to Oracle Corp.
* As first President, obtained financing for and incorporated Turnkey 2000, Inc. subsidiary to maximize Year 2000 product focus, penetration & profitability (revenues: FY97 $6,000,000, 2QFY98 $6,000,000+)
InfoBase Systems, Oxnard, CA, CEO, Independent Consultancy, Sep 95-Mar 96
Business development, marketing and technical management consulting:
* Product development and project marketing for Ravel Software, Inc., a migration services company
* Product and project marketing for Open-ended Systems Corporation/CONAM, a Hewlett-Packard VAR
* LAN/WAN/FAX/Server infrastructure modifications for The Zenith Insurance Company
* Internet business partnership development for Alert Communications, a live answering/cellular company
The Zenith Insurance Company, Woodland Hills, CA, Sys Delivery Svcs Mgr/IT Operations, Sep 94-Aug 95
* Responsible for continuing production operations & transition of applications and data from an 80GB IBM ESA 9000/210 to a 10 processor HP 9000 environment operating under HP-UNIX & ORACLE
* Architected and evolved an extensive branch office/agent network conversion from IBM/SNA terminals to an integrated Novell Switched LAN/ATM WAN/Microsoft Office Suite environment with Internet firewall
* Managed staff of 47, responsible for
* LAN/WAN/office application architecture, implementation, operations, and maintenance
* UNIX systems administration, production operations, EDI and printed product distribution/mailing
* ORACLE Data Base Administration, configuration, and performance optimization
MedE America (Wellmark, Inc.), Westlake Village, CA, COO/Director, Product Management, Feb 93-Jul 94
* Responsible for all production aspects of Health Care Claims Processing clearinghouse, Claims Adjudication Evaluation, Remittance Advice Processing, Managed Care assessment, and On-line Eligibility services, as well as director of the Client Network Integration Consulting Practice
* Managed staff of twelve in four production departments: Computer Operations, Claims Fulfillment, Maintenance Programming, and Field Systems Integration
* Architected and enhanced central processing facilities including 2 large AT&T/Pyramid UNIX-based servers supporting a distributed 56 gigabyte on-line data base and 40 development systems
* Responsible for over 60 hospital configurations, each with a UNIX-based Oracle data base server and 3-40 image-processing personal computers fully integrated with the hospital's Local Area Network
* Client Network Integration projects typically encompassed interconnection of all information processing systems within the client's facilities to provide integrated management visibility & operations coordination
Network Intelligence Associates, Washington, DC, CEO, 1988-Jan 1993
Strategic planning, information systems architecture and expert systems consulting practice:
* Development of automated correspondence generation and returned check management applications utilizing advanced cooperative information systems to link mainframe data bases to LAN-based personal computer systems for one of the Nation's largest Credit Unions
* Assisted Wellmark, Inc. in the connection of hospitals and other care providers to multiple private and government insurance programs using artificial intelligence techniques to improve claims acceptance
* Application of advanced computer aided design and imaging as part of the Air Force's Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistics Systems (CALS) Shared Resource Center (CSRC) program
* Assessment of technology options for the strategic redesign of the Army's logistics systems
* Revision of Life Cycle Management and documentation plans for Navy ammunition management system
* Improvement of EDI network operations and performance for GTE Health Systems
* Project management support of systems upgrade and deployment for U.S. Army transportation command
* Development of LAN-based imaging system architecture for Army personnel command
* Expansion of an Expert Inventory Management System prototype into a full-scale advisory network system with automated software deployment and maintenance at operating U.S. Navy sites
* Data network design for an expert system to assist the Navy in the identification of small manufactured parts & printed wiring assemblies for manufacture using Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) techniques
* Support of the redesign of the major logistics information system used by Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
* Participation in protests before the General Services Administration Board of Contract Appeals dealing with evaluation and award of large Federal information system integration contracts

Digital Development Corporation, Washington, DC, Vice President; 1985-1988
Created and expanded a Federal Government-oriented consulting and systems integration organization to a $500,000 annual business that was sold to Federal Information Technologies, a unit of Cincinnati Bell
* Development of a prototype Expert Inventory Management System that captured the expertise of the U.S. Navy's best Retail Inventory Managers in an extendible knowledge base
* Development of Artificial Intelligence systems for strategic information and facilities planning for the DLA
* Preparation of DLA RFP for a 60-site processing network & real-time warehouse process control system
* Design of a user interface concept for the Army Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistics System
* Installation of a multi-protocol local area network for National Air and Space Administration
* Performance of an information system analysis for the Defense Logistics Agency
* Design of voice/data communications networks: communications switch/processor sizing analyses; development of least cost routing algorithms; assessment of network performance & control strategies
BBSystems, McLean, VA, CEO, 1981-1985
Developed and marketed a $250,000 per year information services consulting organization focused on the Federal and financial sectors that was sold to Digital Development Corporation
* Developed a retail client services stock trading network prototype for Merrill Lynch, Inc.
* 15 year computer & telecom network requirements forecast for a 23-site network RFP for the DLA
* Life Cycle Management plans and documents for a Navy weapons systems management application
* Air Force F-16 fighter radar simulation language & compiler specs (Westinghouse & Syscon Corp. Sub)
* Litigation consultant for Hogan & Hartson in connection with Xerox Federal contract bid protest
GTE/CONTEL(Network Analysis Corporation), Vienna, VA, Director of Information Systems Studies, 76-81
Consulting Practice Manager: helped grow office from 4 to 85, group of 6 with $2,000,000/year billings
* Marketed network analysis and design tools based on ground breaking ARPANet/Internet research
* $1,300,000 contract to develop an RFP and a real-time network benchmark for a 60 site computer network for the U.S. Navy ? resulting in $500,000,000 contract award
* Evaluation of voice and data networks for the American Association of Railroads and the GSA
* Cost effectiveness improvement of a 120 location automated teller network for the Southeast Bancorp
* Development of a data communications modeling complex for the Social Security Administration
* Development of hardware interface specifications for the Federal Aviation Administration
* Development of computer processor and network sizing models for the Navy
* Design & development of a Metropolitan Area Network/LAN RFP for the TRIDENT Submarine Program
The Budd Company, Troy, MI, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)/Technical Services Manager, 1973-1976
Corporate Information Systems Officer for Technical Matters:
* Developed and installed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & data warehouse/data mining
* Implemented eCommerce/EDI network with Ford, General Motors, American Motors & Chrysler
IBM Corporation, Poughkeepsie, NY, Programmer, Co-operative Education Program, 1968-1970
* Development of performance measurement/testing analysis software-later added to hardware instruction
* Development/prototyping of the specifications for IBM's OS/MVS Time Sharing Option (TSO)
Applications: Siebel, SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Niku
Integration: SeeBeyond, NEON, MQ Series, WebMethods, TIBCO
Sun Microsystems SPARC/ULTRA, Hewlett-Packard 700/3000/9000, IBM Mainframe, DEC VAX, UNISYS V, TANDEM, Pyramid T/ES, AT&T 7000/6300, Sequent, IBM PC compatible, Macintosh, Xerox 1108
AT&T UNIX, HP UNIX, Pyramid UNIX, SCO UNIX, Sun Solaris, Sequent UNIX, Linix, Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, IBM?OS/2, DEC VMS, IBM MVS/VSE, Tandem GUARDIAN, Unisys MCP, MAC/OS
Netware, RUMBA, TERM, Exceed, Now/Extra, Kermit, ProComm, Revelation, Reflection, FTP TCP/IP
C/C++, SQL, SQR, ORACLE Case/DBA, FoxPro, CLIPPER, COBOL, CINCOM TOTAL, MANTIS, LISP, FORTRAN, PL/1, Visual Interdev, VBA, APL, CICS, Tuxedo, Focus, PVCS, SCCS, HTML, ASP, XML, Java, CORBA, eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL)
Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Lotus 123, WordPerfect, AmiPro, Paradox, Visio
Project Management: Microsoft Project, Project Workbench
Web/Publishing: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, PageMaker, GoLive, Acrobat, Quark Express, WebWeaver, DreamWeaver, Visual Page & Caf?, FrameMaker, AuthorWare, Lotus Notes
Marketing/CRM: Siebel, ACT, Maximizer, Goldmine
Design Automation: AUTOCAD/AutoLisp, Visio
LISP, SmallTalk, Trinzic (AION) ADS, Template SNAP (KES), MBDSI GURU, Teknowledge M.1/4



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