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James T Doyle PE


Mr James T Doyle
300 Magnolia Drive Nederland, Colorado 80466 United States

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Phone 303-443-2162
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Education, Certifications & Awards

BSEE 1972
MBA 1992
Whos Who 2004
Senior Member of the IEEE
Professinal Engineer
Numerous awards from Intel Motorola and National Semiconductor
Over 30 patents awarded 10 or more pending
Invited Speaker Berkeley, Stanford ASU etc
FES, IEEE, Rotary



All semiconductor technologies
Integrated Circuit Design
Signal Processing
Mathematical Modeling
Computer Systems
Audio and Video Analysis
PC Hardware Design


About Consultant

30 Years Experience in all aspects of semiconductor chip design. Specific expertise of signal processing, wireless, audio and video analysis. A professional engineer for over 25 years. Expert on standardization processs including IEEE802.3, 802.11 Firewire many other PC standards. Involved in several liability and legal issues related to chip design, reliability and patent validity.

Areas of Expertise

Audio Video Analysis, Electronic Design, Professional Engineer, Systems Analysis, Math Modeling Audio Video Analysis

Expert Witness Categories

Computers, Telecommunications, Semiconductor, Video, Mathematics, Patents

Summary of Experience

Curriculum Vitae at



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