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B & F Experts

B & F Experts

Mr. J F Chip Morrow
P.O. Box 700384 San Antonio, Texas 78270-0384 United States

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Phone 866-365-7212
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Education, Certifications & Awards

Certificate, Pacific Coast Banking School, Univ. of Washington, 1982
Post-graduate work, University of California, Los Angeles, 1973, 1974
Bachelor of Science, University of California, Los Angeles, 1970



* Banking
* Mortgage Companies
* Mortgage Lending
* Mortgage Warehouse
* Lenders Liability
* Construction Lending
* Business Lending
* Commercial Lending
* SBA Lending
* Business Litigation
* Equipment Lending
* Consumer Lending
* Loan documents
* Loan participations
* Policies & procedures
* Letters of credit
* Fraud
* Loss Calculation
* Operations
* Checks Processing
* Fi ...
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About B & F Experts

33+ yrs experience in financial, mortgage & business institutions including President, CEO & Director. Lending: mortgage, real estate, construction, international, commercial, business, credit card, SBA, consumer, underwriting. Other: operations, fraud, check processing, policies & procedures, lender liability, fiduciary duties, and officer and director duties and conduct.

Areas of Expertise

Mortgage, Banking, Lender, Liability, Financial, Real

Expert Witness Categories

Finance, Bad Faith, Business, Bankruptcy, Lending, Real Estate

Summary of Experience

* 32+ years management for financial institutions & finance.
* 31+ years bank and mortgage company lending experience funding 10+ billion.
* 18+ years financial institution President, CEO &/or Director.
* 7+ years mortgage company director & 22+ years mortgage lending.
* 15+ years leadership in state/national financial trade associations.
* 135+ nationwide cases: ~50% defendants ~50% plaintiffs.
* 40% cases for financial institutions, 40% against and 20% other.
* Prepared court presentations, court testimonies, reports, declarations, findings affidavits & other for Federal, bankruptcy and state courts.
* Cases involving financial institutions, businesses, lending, mortgage, lender liability, D/O, checks, operations and others.



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