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Harold Nemetz, DDS, AMEd

Succor Consulting, LLC

Dr Harold Nemetz
P.O. Box 328 Crescent City, California 95531 United States

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Phone 707-465-1452
Fax 707.465.1453
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Education, Certifications & Awards

1985 - Present, Professor of Restorative Dentistry, Loma Linda University, School of Dentistry, Division of International Dentistry
1986-1994, Professional Services Representative, Dental Bio-materials Research Laboratory, Loma Linda University. School of Dentistry
1983-1986, Associate Professor of Restorative Dentistry, Division of Advanced General Practice Residency, Loma Linda University, School of Dentistry
1974-1983, Associate Clinical Professor of Restorative Dentistry ...
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Dentistry Product Liability areas of Expertise:
General Dentistry
Standard of Care issues for all phases of dentistry
Expert Witness for over 15 years: 40% Defense


About Succor Consulting, LLC

Why Hire A Dental Consultant: A professional consultant/expert witness familiar with the legal process can help attorneys prepare lines of questioning... not allowing witnesses to just tell "their story;" instead they will be "examined" by the attorneys... attorneys asking questions according to a prescribed form. If the right questions are not asked, the information will not get to the jury. A knowledgeable dentist expert consultant can suggest the proper questions to elicit the testimony desired

Areas of Expertise

Dentistry Malpractice, Dentist Negligence, Standard of Care, Product Liability, Dentistry

Expert Witness Categories

Healthcare, Materials, Compensation, Malpractice - Dental, Malpractice - Dental, Malpractice - Dental

Summary of Experience

Dr. Harold Nemetz is a California Board Certified Dentist, with over thirty years of Post-Doctoral teaching and Private Clinical Practice. Dr. Nemetz has an Advanced Master's Degree in Professional Education. He taught at the University of Southern California /School of Dentistry's post doctoral Advanced Prosthodontic Education Program & was Director of Product Evaluation. He is presently Professor of Restorative Dentistry, teaching in the (post doctoral) Division of International Dentistry & was the Professional Services Representative for the Biomaterials Research Laboratory at Loma Linda University / School of Dentistry. Dr. Nemetz currently the Dental Director for Del Norte Community Health Center, and a clinical dentist. He has earned honors in three professional organizations where only 2% of the world's dentists are members. He's taken over 5000 hours in continuing education courses and has presented and developed 25 continuing education courses in North America.
Dr. Nemetz has 25 publications in "Peer Reviewed Journals". He has served as an insurance claim reviewer and consultant to major dental manufacturers in the U.S., Canada, Germany & Japan.
Dr. Harold Nemetz is an expert witness, consultant and insurance claim reviewer for attorneys encompassing General and Prosthetic Dentistry for the Plaintiff and Defense.
Dr. Harold Nemetz was recently honored by the Chancellor of Loma Linda University for his 20 years of service to the University.



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