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Wright Weather Consulting, LLC

Wright Weather Consulting, LLC

Mr. George M. Wright
PO Box 117 New York, New York 10108-0117 United States

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Phone 212-582-7434
Fax 212-582-7434
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Curriculum Vitae

Education, Certifications & Awards

  • American Meteorological Society Certified Consulting Meteorologist

  • BS, MS Meteorology, Rutgers University

  • American Meteorological Society Television Seal of Approval

  • American Meteorological Society Radio Seal of Approval

  • National Weather Association Television Seal (Inactive)

  • Certified Environmental Inspector



Past weather, expert weather testimony, certified weather data, air quality and related pollution issues, climatology, forensic meteorology, expert on New York City metropolitan area weather and weather forecasting


About Wright Weather Consulting, LLC

Wright Weather Consulting for expert testimony on past weather conditions, weather forecasting, air quality and weather data for any location throughout the USA. Please visit our website at

Areas of Expertise

weather expert, meteorology expert, forensic weather testimony, weather experts, weather expert witness, weather testimony, slip and fall, past weather, certified weather data, climate data

Expert Witness Categories

Weather, Air Pollution, Climatology, Meteorology, Slip and Fall, Environmental Science, Oceanography, Engineering-Environmental, Accidents, Vehicular Accidents

Summary of Experience

Wright Weather Consulting, LLC provides a wide range of services that includes weather expert testimony, forensic meteorology, weather forecasting, climatology and air quality.  Please call to discuss your next case or project.

We have performed numerous expert weather investigations for:

  • Slip and fall incidents
  • Car accidents
  • Snow removal disputes
  • Flood, wind and hail damage



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