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Gary Elsner Associates

Gary Elsner Associates

Mr Gary Elsner
455 Windham Court North Wyckoff, New Jersey 07481 United States

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Phone 201-847-0048
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Education, Certifications & Awards

Hunter College



Lost Photography Valuations
Valuations on Licensing commercial photography.
Valuations on copyright infringements involving photography
Standard business practices in the field of commerical photography.


Areas of Expertise

commerical photography, photography, copyright Infringement

Expert Witness Categories

Photography, Copyright, Valuations

Summary of Experience

Gary Elsner Associates, Inc. 1998 Ongoing Consultant:
- Established sales development and customer retention training programs for agencies and photographers.
- Consulting and expert witness services to attorneys.
- Alternate dispute resolution for commercial photographers dealing with copyright infringement and lost photography issues.
Peter Arnold, Inc. New York, NY 2003 - Present
General Manager/Consultant:
- Development of sales and marketing strategies.
- Negotiate preferred vendor distribution business relationships.
SuperStock, Inc. 1999 - 2001
Consultant, President and CEO:
- Re-engineered company operations.
- Established company objectives, job descriptions and operating standards.
- Reduced operating costs by more-than 30%.
- Supervised the creation of an e-commerce website.
FPG International LLC, New York, New York 1979 - 1998
Vice President, Sales & Marketing, 1988-1998
- Senior Executive of FPG?s Marketing Team.
- Development of marketing strategies and sales products.
- Increased sales 235% by building new account groups and expanding business with the existing client base.
- Supervised a staff of sixty-five sales executives and associates.
- Significant experience with sales budgeting process.
- Created ongoing sales incentive and training programs.
- Established a copyright infringement department that negotiated settlements totaling more than $2 million.
- Automated sales operations, sales increased 29% the following year.
General Manager, 1979 - 1988
- Increased sales 150% by establishing an outbound telemarketing department.
- Created the agency's first product catalog.
- Increased international sales 500 % by implementing an international catalog franchise program.
Alpha Photo Associates, Inc. New York, New York 1968 - 1979
Sales Manager, 1973 - 1979
- Increased sales 130%
Account Executive, 1968 - 1973
- Negotiated license agreements for the company?s key accounts.
December 1997 - Marketing Management Program, Columbia University Graduate School of Business
Hunter College, New York, NY
American Management Association
American Marketing Association
American Society of Picture Professional Picture Archive Council of America



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