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Garry M. Walsh

Health Technology Systems, Inc.

Mr. Garry M Walsh
103 Royal Court Safety Harbor, Florida 34695 United States

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Phone 800-749-7144
Fax 727-669-0882
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Education, Certifications & Awards

Commencing his health care career in 1974, Walsh embarked upon a career in Radiation Oncology and has held all Radiation Oncology related positions, including patient transporter, Radiation Therapist, Medical Dosimetrist, and Director of a large cancer center. In 14 years, Walsh rose from patient transporter / orderly to president of two (2) Florida corporations.



Health Technology Systems, Inc. (HTSI) provides advisory services to a client base ranging from a 26-bed rural hospital to numerous 1000+ bed health systems and encompass private and public single-facility hospitals, healthcare networks, and multi-campus academic medical centers. Walsh and the HTSI team of physicians and master?s level nurses provided support during 500+ visits to health care organizations, including:

Patient Safety Improvement initiatives to improve interdiscipli ...
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About Health Technology Systems, Inc.

Health Care Policy and Regulatory Specialist

Areas of Expertise

Hospital Accreditation, Nursing Patient Care, Patient Safety, Standard of Care, Performance Improvement

Expert Witness Categories

JCAHO Accreditation, Health and Safety, Malpractice - Medical, Health Care Regulation, Malpractice - Emergency, Case Reviews

Summary of Experience

Garry M. Walsh has consulted and practiced in a broad spectrum of health care areas and served as an expert witness resource on medico-legal matters. His experience-driven insight and command of health care regulatory and policy mandates are complemented by previous work in health care administrative, technical and patient care capacities. Walsh has traveled 1.6 million miles throughout the nation since 1988, innovating and teaching during 500+ visits to health care facilities. His resources include:

Master's prepared Nurse consultant surveyor and expert witness with over 20 years of experience in corporate compliance and assessment of tertiary, psychiatric, long term and home care health systems.

PhD prepared Risk Analyst with over 25 years of experience in risk prevention and remediation at a large, nationally recognized academic medical center.

Information on additional consultants, ranging from Home Health Care to Hospital Engineers, available upon request.



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