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Sattler Consultants, Inc. Specializing in Nondestructive Testing (NDT)Level III Services

Sattler Consultants, Inc.

Mr. Frank J Sattler
873 Old Spring Road Akron, Ohio 44321-1416 United States

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Phone 330-666-5757
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Education, Certifications & Awards

Ohio State University, Dec. 1962, B.S. Welding Engineering; Ohio State University, Aug. 1963, M.S. Welding Engineering,Major: NDT; American Society for Nondestructive Testing (1960 to Present); Chairman, Personnel Training and Certification Committee (1980-1986); Vice Chairman, Personnel Training and Certification Committee (1977-1980); Member National Certification Board (1989-1996); Chairman, Cleveland Section (1973-1974), 1984 Man-of-the Year; Elected "ASNT Fellow" - 1978; Certified ASNT Lev ...
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Nondestructive testing/nondestructive examination (NDT/NDE) of materials. Certified ASNT Level III in the following nondestructive testing methods: eddy current, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, radiography, ultrasonic and visual. Welding and other materials inspection and examination. Provide examination and nondestructive testing procedures to meet industry and military Codes, Specifications and Standards. Provide written practices for the qualification and certification of nondestructi ...
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About Sattler Consultants, Inc.

Over 45 years experience in nondestructive testing and nondestructive examination.

Areas of Expertise

NDT, nondestructive examination, NDE, nondestructive testing services, non destructive testing

Expert Witness Categories

Engineering - Structural, Business, Failure Analysis, Failure Analysis, Materials, Petrochemicals

Summary of Experience

Since November of 1980, Mr. Sattler has been an independent consultant and Level III for several clients. Since 1991, he has been President of Sattler Consultants, Inc. which he formed to expand business opportunities. He has developed examination techniques, NDT personnel qualification and certification programs, training programs for Level I, II and III personnel and provided training within the United States and overseas. He has provided expert witness testimony in lawsuits involving the performance of different NDT examinations.

Prior to becoming a consultant and forming his own company, Mr. Sattler worked for the Babcock and Wilcox Company from December of 1971 to December 1980 as a Technical Manager and Manager of Inservice Inspection doing inspection work on boilers and nuclear reactors. Duties included directing engineering and technical personnel in the development of equipment, procedures and policies for applying inservice examinations to nuclear steam supply systems.

Before joining Babcock and Wilcox, Mr. Sattler was a principal engineer at TRW, Inc.'s Cowell Engineering Center from March of 1966 until December of 1971. Major programs were conducted developing methods and techniques for resin and metal matrix composites, wall thickness measurements of turbine blades, residual core detection in airfoils, and three (3) government sponsored contracts concerned with titanium billet inspection and flaw dimension measurements.

Upon leaving college, Mr. Sattler worked for the University of California's Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory in Los Alamos New Mexico as a Staff Member. There he worked on programs concerned with NDT of nuclear weapons and flight and power reactors.



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