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Federica Anaya

Federica Anaya

Mrs. Federica I Anaya
, Canada Canada

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Phone 819 568 5704
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Education, Certifications & Awards

Designations and Memberships:
Psychologist of Handwriting (Italy) 1995
Forensic Document Examiner (Italy)1994
Licenced lawyer (Mexico City) 1994
Member of the International Association of Forensic Examiners in Milan 1995
Member of the Identification Society of Canada 2005
Qualified by Federal courts in Mexico as and expert witness in forensic Document Examination. 1995
Certified as an independent arbitrator and mediator of the Ministry of Economy ...
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Forensic Auditing
Forensic Document Analysis


About Federica Anaya

11 years of international experience as a Forensic Document Examiner working for the public and private sectors.

Areas of Expertise

handwriting analysis, document examiner, forgery, falsified documents, handwriting expert

Expert Witness Categories

Handwriting, Documents Analysis, Forensic Accounting, Accounting, Criminology, Finance

Summary of Experience

As a consultant on forensic document examination Anaya:
- Performed numerous document examinations for courts in Mexico including the investigation of cheque fraud and forged documents
- Provided consultations on fraud investigations and designed courses and training lawyers who deal with cases of document examination
undertook several undercover investigations regarding false documents.
- Performed analysis of signatures, handwriting and documents in general.
- Compared documents and investigated forgery and handwriting authenticity.
- Performed cheque fraud investigations where criminal charges were pressed.
- Identification of handwriting in Criminal investigations.
assessed companies on exclusion of writers.
- Performed analysis of typewritten documents.
- Performed analysis of document alterations, obliterations, ransom letters, anonymous letters and disputed handwriting in wills, contracts, agreements, etc.
- Identified authentic and false documents.
Anaya has experience of more than 150 depositions in Mexican courts.
She performed forensic investigations for the Tribunal Fiscal de la Federacion (Federal Tax Courts), Tribunal Superior de Justicia (Federal Superior court of Justice), Instituto Mexicano de Patentes y Marcas (Mexican Institute of Patents and trademarks), Museo Nacional de Antropologia (National Museum of Anthropology), the National Association of Car Dealers and others.



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