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Ernest C. Weber, Corrections, Jail & Prison Consultant

Corrections, Jail & Prison Consultant

Ernest C Weber
159A Jerusalem Avenue Massapequa, New York 11758 United States

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Phone 516-795-2443
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Education, Certifications & Awards

Mr. Weber has an extensive education and certifications in the field of corrections. Additionally, he has several awards for performance of duty. His c.v. contains specific details of both of these categories.



Mr. Weber is an expert in practically all matters relating to jails, prisons, correctional facilities and in-custody situations. His website contains a specific listing of many of his areas of expertise. Correctional management assistance, risk reduction, expert consultation and litigation support are the focus of his services.


About Corrections, Jail & Prison Consultant

Over thirty-three years of extensive experience in institutional corrections (jails/prisons) including consultant and expert witness services in numerous matters throughout the nation. Services are provide for government agencies, correctional managers, public correctional facilities, privately managed correctional facilities and legal counsel.

Areas of Expertise

prison expert, corrections expert, jail consultant, prison consultant, corrections consultant

Expert Witness Categories

Jails, Prisons, Use of Force, Law Enforcement, Risk Analysis, Internal Investigations

Summary of Experience

Mr. Weber is a Criminal Justice Consultant specializing in the management, administration and operation of jails, prisons and correctional facilities. He has 33 years of experience fully consentrated in this field. Beginning his career as a correction officer, he rose through all supervisory and management ranks to command one of the largest local new generation, direct supervision correctional facilities in the nation. His experience also includes performance as chief of investigations and in providing services as a consultant and expert witness for numerous cases throughout the nation. All of his extensive experience was attained as a hands-on correctional facility practioner, rather than academic theory or unrelated experience.

Through the development of a comprehensive plan for your facility, Mr. Weber can assist you in preventing or reducing serious, negative, harmful events and incidents, thereby reducing your risk and exposure to litigation. Mr. Weber can also provide expert consultant, expert witness and litigation support services.

Additional information can be found on his website. His c.v. and fee schedule are available upon request.



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