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Edmund H. Mantell, Consulting Economist

Edmund H. Mantell Consulting Economist

Dr. Edmund H Mantell
5 Carthage Lane Scarsdale, New York 10583 United States

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Phone 914 725 4882
Fax 914 722 4147
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Education, Certifications & Awards

B.A. in Economics, State University of New York,
M.A. in Economics, University of Pennsylvania,
Ph.D. in Finance and Economics, University of Pennsylvania



I specialize in the calculation of damages recoverable in litigation. I apply techniques of financial analysis and multi-variate statistics (in appropriate cases)to generate reports. When called on, I render expert testimony.

In cases where I am engaged by Plaintiffs I carry out the economic analyses by applying quantitative methods and assumptions that can withstand a Daubert (or similar) challenge.

I appreciate that the exigencies of litigation sometimes require a ra ...
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Areas of Expertise

loss of earnings, valuations, economist, financial analysis, profits

Expert Witness Categories

Economics, Business, Finance, Investments, Lost Profits, Valuations

Summary of Experience

I have had about 20 years of experience working as a self-employed consulting economist in the area of civil litigation. I have been engaged by plaintiff's attorneys as well as by defendant's attorneys. Some of the matters I have worked on include the following: calculations of lost earnings in death cases and personal injury cases, calculations of the lost value of portfolios of publicly traded securites because of broker misbehavior, calculation of lost profits because of antitrust violations or breaches of contracts, valuations of professional practices and valuations of privately held businesses in the context of domestic relations litigation, calculations of the future lifetime costs of caring for a seriously disabled person, valuation of retiremement benefit cash flows (e.g. pensions and annuties.)



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