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Chip Patents LLC

Chip Patents LLC

Mr. David York
3395 Somerford Road Upper Arlington, Ohio 43221 United States

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Curriculum Vitae

Education, Certifications & Awards

Education: Degrees in Electronics Engineering and Technical Communications.

Analytical Techniques: Chemical and mechanical decapsulation, optical inspection and imaging, chemical and plasma-based delayering, selective package and die metallurgical cross-sectioning, chemical feature enhancement, feature size and layer thickness measurements, FESEM sample preparation, high-resolution FESEM inspection and imaging, process and circuit reverse engin ...
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- Technical patent analysis

- Evidence of use

- Analytical assistance

- Claim chart formulation

- Claim chart analysis

- Evidence collection

- Prior art searches/analysis

- Patentability

- Technical evidence review

- Citation analysis

- Technology reviews

- Portfolio triage

- Product and market analysis

- Semiconductor cross-sections


About Chip Patents LLC

Independent professional with 36 years experience analyzing semiconductor device fabrication processes, structures, and patents. Twenty-three years of hands-on experience analyzing semiconductor processes, structures and materials in a laboratory environment supporting intellectual property, competitive analysis, and failure analysis projects.



Areas of Expertise

semiconductor patent analysis, semiconductor cross sections, reverse engineering, patentability, document research/analysis, licensing support, arbitration support, prior art research/analysis, litigation support, evidence of use research/analysis

Expert Witness Categories

Laboratories, Patents, Semiconductor, Materials, Metallurgy, Due Diligence, Failure Analysis, Intellectual Property, test, Valuations

Summary of Experience

Customized consulting to support:

- Technical patent analysis

- Evidence of use (EOU) research/review/development

- Analytical advice/assistance

- Claim chart analysis and formulation

- Evidence collection/review/analysis

- Prior art search/analysis

- Portfolio triage/rating - Patentability

- Product and market research/analysis

- Semiconductor cross-section review/interpretation

- Technical communications.

Specialized Experience:

- First-person knowledge of/direct experience with the development of Integrated Circuit Engineering (ICE) Corporation SCA and SUB public tear-down reports.

- Provide expert written declarations/statements and depositions supporting reports and data in cases before the International Trade Commission (ITC) and district courts.

- Experience assisting clients representing parties from both offensive and defensive positions in litigation, licensing, and arbitration cases.



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