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MET Associates

MET Associates

Dr. David L Mitchell
P.O. Box 70 Dayton, 77535

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Phone 936-257-1633
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Education, Certifications & Awards

Ph.D., Atmospheric Science and Meteorology, Purdue University 1976
M.S., Physics, Purdue University 1974
B.S., Physics and Mathematics (Dean's Distinguished List), Baylor University 1972
A Theoretical Investigation of Atmospheric Convective Modes as a Function of Rayleigh Number, Prandtl Number and Eddy Anisotropy; 1977, Meteor. Soc. Japan, Vol. 55, No. 4, 341-363.
Certification and Honors
Court Qualified Expert in Air Modelin ...
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Professional Experience And Expertise
Forensic Meteorology Services for the Legal Profession
Industrial Air Pollution Expert Witness
Toxic Tort Strategy for Plaintiff or Defense/Environmental Air Pollution
Insurance Industry Services including Meteorological Re-Construction of Weather Events
Expert Witness Testimony/Litigation Consulting/Air Pollution Meteorology
Air Quality Computer Modeling/Air Dispersion Analysis/Hazardous Plume Releases
Meteor ...
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About MET Associates

Litigation Support Experience Dr. Mitchell has provided technical support and expert testimony in court and in deposition on issues of scientific data and mathematical modeling to the Petroleum Industry, the Insurance Industry, and the Legal Profession in the areas of Forensic Meteorology and Forensic Geosciences litigation. Forensic Meteorology litigation cases include providing expert witness support and testimony for Meteorological Data Analysis, Air Pollution Analysis, Air Quality Modeling, and Weather Event Re-Construction cases both Domestic and International. Litigation Case examples include: 1) Multiple cases involving Air Dispersion Modeling of Chemical Pollutants/Particulate Matter and Weather Wind Profile analysis in defense of petrochemical facilities being sued by surrounding neighborhoods due to Accidental Chemical Releases. 2) Weather Pattern Re-Construction and analysis of Historical Rainfall data in an urban setting in defense of commercial building owner being sued due to Flooding occurrences resulting in property damage. 3) Re-Construction of Weather Conditions and Wind data related to the occurrence of Dense Ground Fog and Reduced Visibility conditions resulting in a major, Multi-Vehicle Freeway accident and personal injury. 4) Historical Wind Data analysis and Air Quality Modeling in support of a Class Action Toxic Tort suit brought by a rural subdivision downwind of a polluting industrial complex. 5) Numerous Forensic Meteorology cases involving Force Majeure and the Re-Construction of Weather Conditions occurring at the time of an Accident, Injury or Criminal Action. 6) Modeling and Analysis for multiple cases involving Leaking Railway Cars and Industrial Tanks creating Hazardous Spills and Releases of Hazardous Pollutants into the Atmosphere. 7) Numerous cases requiring Air Dispersion Modeling Analysis and Forensic Meteorology Investigation to determine concentration levels of Smoke and Particulate Matter (PM10, PM2.5) during industrial operations and accidents. Litigation Case List and References Provided Upon Request Professional Affiliations American Meteorological Society American Association of Petroleum Geologists National Association of Environmental Professionals Air and Waste Management Association Society of Exploration Geophysicists Scientific Research Society of North America National Physics Honor Society American Bar Association, Associate Member Litigation Division

Areas of Expertise

Meteorology, Air Pollution, Forensic Meteorology, Air Modeling, Climate

Expert Witness Categories

Weather, Meteorology, Air Pollution, Flooding, Climatology, Geoscience

Summary of Experience

Summary of Qualifications
Dr. David L. Mitchell is an authority on the numerical modeling of geophysical and atmospheric data with a Doctorate in Meteorology from Purdue University. Dr. Mitchell has over 28 years of technical modeling experience in industry and consulting. Dr. Mitchell is a Court Qualified Expert in Air Modeling and Forensic Meteorology. His business experience includes various research, project management and technical consulting positions with Conoco, Getty Oil Company, Texaco, Tenneco, British Petroleum, Leviathan Gas Pipeline LLP and IBM Corporation. Dr. Mitchell has extensive knowledge of Forensic Meteorology and has published his research results on the numerical modeling of atmospheric stability and convection.
Dr. Mitchell is an expert in the field of Air Pollution Meteorology with over 28 years of experience with the mathematical modeling of wave propagation in elastic media, atmospheric fluid dynamics and air dispersion modeling. He has extensive knowledge of air pollution modeling software and air quality modeling techniques approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Dr. Mitchell is a specialist in Weather Event Re-Construction for litigation and has provided expert testimony for numerous cases related to severe weather events and the application of Force Majeure clauses. He has provided forensic meteorology support for civil and criminal investigations and insurance cases involving weather related accidents, the release of toxic pollutants into the air, air pollution and weather related personal injury and property damage.
He is a member of the Air and Waste Management Association, the American Meteorological Society and the National Association of Environmental Professionals. Dr. Mitchell is also an Associate Member of the American Bar Association with affiliation with the Litigation Division and is a Certified Professional Geoscientist and a Licensed Professional Geoscientist (#1330) in the State of Texas, Certified by the Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists.



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