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Aviation Consulting Services

Aviation Consulting Services

Capt. Bob Norris
PO BOX 1522 San Carlos, California 94065

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Phone 650-508-1079
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Education, Certifications & Awards

BS from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Over 15,000 hours with an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate rated for Airplane Multi-engine Land with Commercial Privileges; Flight Engineer,Reciprocating and Turbojet Powered; General Aviation and Airline Flight Instructor: Airplanes, Instruments and Multi-engine. Type Rated in DC-8, DC-10, B-737, B-757, and B-767. Aircraft Dispatcher.



- General aviation and airline ground and flight operations;
- Evaluation of general aviation and flight crew training, qualifications, evaluation and checking;
- Hiring practices including selection, pay scales, union contracts, wrongful termination and discrimination;
- Flight crew and general aviation Standard of Care dictated by: Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and flight school, airline and company policies and Standar ...
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About Aviation Consulting Services

Extensive experience as an expert witness for litigation for plaintiff or defendant, consulting, research, site inspection, report prepparation and testimony

Areas of Expertise

Air Carrier Operations, Employment, Flight Training, Pilot Resonsibility, Crew Resource Management

Expert Witness Categories

Accidents, Management, Weather, Compensation

Summary of Experience

United Airlines served as a Captain, Flight Manager, Captain's Interview Board, Flight Instructor, FAA Examiner and Line Check Airman, Initial Operating Experience (IOE) Captain for Transitioning Pilots and Program Manager for B-737 Two vs. Three Crew Complement Study. Owner and operator of a FAA 141 and VA approved flight school, twenty-six aircraft, five simulators, staff of seven with forty full time flight instructors. FAA approved repair station and designated flight school for Embry-Riddle University flight training program. Development of a nation-wide (150 sites) FAA Computerized Aviation Testing program (CATS). U.S. distributors of the Australian Hawker DE Havilland Pilot Trainer. Hughes Aircraft Company ten years experience as an Engineering Psychologist.
Completed four years of domestic and overseas active service with the Air Force.
Past Chairman of the Board of Directors, San Mateo County Transit District
Served as Vice-Chairman of the San Mateo County Airport Land Use Committee
Served as Vice Mayor for the Redwood City (eight years as an elected official)
Task Force Member of California State Lands Commission, Delegate Bay Conservation and Development Commission, Delegate to the Association of Bay Area Governments, Past Commander, San Francisco County Sheriff's Air Squadron



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