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Firearms Forensics

Firearms Forensics

Mr Andrew B Cannon
P.O. box 927 Polson, Montana 59860 United States

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Phone 406-887-2048

Education, Certifications & Awards

High School Graduate - Tilton Prep School, Tilton, N.H.
Belknap College - Center Harbour N.H.- associate degree
University of New Hampshire - Forensic Medicine 1972 -
I currently hold instruction certificates from the Montana Police Academy - criminal investigation, crime scene management, firearms, armorer, interviews and interogations and officer survival.
I hold numerious certificates, (over 100), from various law enforcement training, criminal investigations and f ...
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Firearms - all issues
Police procedures - all issues
Criminal investigations - all issues
Crime scene - collection and preservation of evidence - all issues
Officer involved shootings - all issues


About Firearms Forensics

I have a total of 33 years experiance and training related to the listed topics. I have been used as an expert witness in three states and in federal court. I have testified as an investigator in the law enforcement venue on hundreds of cases invlving accidental or intential death. I can provide an excelent list of references on request.

Areas of Expertise

Firearms, Accident, Homicide, bullet wound, ammunition

Expert Witness Categories

Firearms and Ballistics, Law Enforcement, Police Procedures, Wrongful Death, Engineering - Mechanical, Investigation

Summary of Experience

I have over thirty years experiance in law enforcement. Over 25 years as an investigator working various violent crimes including attempted deliberate and deliberate homicide cases. I have investigated numerous accidental and intentional shooting during that time including officer involved shootings. I have been certified as an firearms expert and ammunition expert in several states with reference to both accidental and intential firearms death. I have worked as an expert for both prosecution and defense. I have worked on both sides as a witness for both plaintiff and defendant. I am curently certified in Montana as an instructor by The Montana Police Standards and Training Council in the field of criminal investigation, crime scene managment, firearms instructor, firearms armorer, and interviews and interagations. I have over 2500 hours of training in Forensic Medicine, DNA issues as well as collection and preservation of evidence.



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