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Flooding Expert Witness Directory Listings

Experts on flooding can provide expert reports for attorneys, lawyers, insurance firms and governmental agencies for use in litigation at trial or deposition. These experts can opine in the area of flooding at a jury trial, deposition or at a mitigation hearing.

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MET Associates
Contact:    Dr. David L Mitchell
Dayton 77535

Litigation Support Experience Dr. Mitchell has provided technical support and expert testimony in court and in deposition on issues of scientific data and mathematical modeling to the Petroleum Industry, the Insurance Industry, and the Legal Profes
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Frederic G. Snider
Contact:    Mr. Frederic G Snider
Greensboro 27401

Twenty-five years experience in geology, geophysics, hydrology and hydrogeology, tectonics, foundation studies, air photo analyses and project management working for major engineering firm. Currently providing pre-litigation and expert witness servic
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Prof. Nicholas Pinter
Contact:    Prof. Nicholas Pinter
Carbondale, Illinois 62901-4324

Consulting, litigation support, and EW testimony in flood hydrology, floodplain management, river geomorphology, and natural and human impacts upon flood hazard.
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C.L.I. Construction & Environmental Consultants
Contact:    Mr Alfred L Tibbs
Eastlake, Ohio 44095

Alfred Tibbs
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Contact:    Mr. Richard J. VanBruggen
Guerneville, California 95446

Richard VanBruggen
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Contact:    Mr. Anthony O Righellis
Las Vegas, Nevada 89117

Anthony O Righellis
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Contact:    - Henry S. Woods
Houston, Texas 77058

Henry Woods
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