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Climatology Expert Witness Directory Listings

Experts on climatology can provide expert reports for attorneys, lawyers, insurance firms and governmental agencies for use in litigation at trial or deposition.

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MET Associates
Contact:    Dr. David L Mitchell
Dayton 77535

Litigation Support Experience Dr. Mitchell has provided technical support and expert testimony in court and in deposition on issues of scientific data and mathematical modeling to the Petroleum Industry, the Insurance Industry, and the Legal Profes
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Expert Weather Investigations (EWI)
Contact:    Mr. Thomas E Downs
New York, New York 10123

Thomas Downs
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Wright Weather Consulting, LLC
Contact:    Mr. George M. Wright
New York, New York 10108-0117

Wright Weather Consulting for expert testimony on past weather conditions, weather forecasting, air quality and weather data for any location throughout the USA. Please visit our website at
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Contact:    Mr. Tracey D. Carrillo
Mesilla Park, New Mexico 88047

Tracey Carrillo
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