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Cargoes Expert Witness Directory Listings

Experts on cargoes can provide expert reports for attorneys, lawyers, insurance firms and governmental agencies for use in litigation at trial or deposition.

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Contact:    mr david g dwinell
Youngtown,, Arizona 85363
623 974 2232

Lifetime in Transportation and Government Noted Author
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Alan Jervis
Contact:    Mr. Alan Jervis
Toronto, Canada L3R 0E1

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Marine and Transportation Insurance Experts
Contact:    Mr. Alan Jervis
Toronto, Ontario, Canada L6Y 3V1
905 781 0146

25 years in the insurance business 10 years as consultant and expert in Marine Insurance and General Insurance
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Contact:    Ms. Karen L. West
Inglewood, California 90301

Karen West
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Contact:    Mr. Steven C. Hunt
Torrance, California 90504

Steven Hunt
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Contact:    Commander U.S.C.G. (Ret.) David E. Cole
Marrero, Louisiana 70073

David Cole
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