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Animals Expert Witness Directory Listings

Experts in animals typically consult on the investigation and litigation of cases involving domestic and wild animals that may involve personal injuries, zoos, escapes, transportation, permits, safety and security.

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Dr. Robert G. Scott
Contact:    Dr. Robert G Scott
Shoreview, Minnesota 55126

Dr. Bob Scott has the practical experience as a farmer, veterinarian, diagnostician, clinician, businessman, teacher, salesman, expert witness, negotiator, consultant and counselor.
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Contact:    Dr. Jeremy R. Cummings
Tallahassee, Florida 32308

Jeremy Cummings
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Contact:    Manager - J. - Cooke (Formerly: J. McEwan)
Barrington, Illinois 60011

J. Cooke (Formerly: J. McEwan)
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Contact:    Mr. Curtis R. Brown
Houston, Texas 77046

Curtis Brown
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